Hair Services

Womens Haircut

Level 1- $50
Level 2 - $59
Level 3 - $67+
Level 4 - $75+

Men's Haircut
Level 1 - $30
Level 2 - $35
Level 3 - $40  
Level 4 - $45

Add on deep conditioning and scalp massage $15

Our haircuts include a custom consultation that compliments your features as well as your lifestyle. We cut a variety of long and short haircuts to achieve your desired look.  We are confident you will receive a professional haircut that best suits YOU because we listen before we cut!

Shampoo & Blowdry

Level 1 - $30+
Level 2 - $34+
Level 3 - $42+
Level 4 - $48+

Addition cost for curling iron or flat ironing

Luxury Treatment System $40 (Additional charge for wash and style)

Redken's unique chemistry system rebalances your hair's PH levels and restores protein and moisture back into your hair to leave it looking and feeling soft and healthy. This service includes a shampoo with Redken Cleansing Cream to remove any build up on the hair and followed by a PH treatment specific to your hair needs as well as a deep conditioning mask and an extra long scalp massage.

Color Services 

Full Color
Level 1 - $90+
Level 2 - $100+  
Level 3 - $115+ 
Level 4 - $135+
Root Touchup                           
Level 1 - $75+
Level 2 - $85+
Level 3 - $95+
Level 4 - $105+

Full Highlights                           
Level 1 - $110+
Level 2 - $120+
Level 3 - $140+
Level 4 - $160+

Partial Highlights                     
Level 1 - $90
Level 2 - $100
Level 3 - $120
Level 4 - $130

Overlays and Add on Color/Toners: $15 per ounce​ 

Mens Color & Camo
Level 1 - $45
Level 2 - $50
Level 3 - $55
Level 4 - $60

We use Redken haircolor because of its high performance, which provides rich long lasting colors as well as conditioning agents to leave hair shiny and healthy.
Our stylists are always being educated about the latest trends and techniques.

Color Camo is a unique formula created for men who want to blend their gray without complete coverage for a more natural result. The processing time is a quick 10 minutes at the sink. *Prices are subject to change depending on length and thickness of hair.* 


Level 2 - $100+
Level 4 - $120+

Level 4 - $180+

Redken's perming systems are proven to be one of the most gentle systems on the market. Our stylists will customize the curl structure and pattern to achieve your desired look.  

Special Services

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Prices are as follows:
Hair Extensions range from $225-$325 per pack (average price is about $275).

Installation $100 (for up to 2 packs, $50 for each additional pack)

Re-Installation $150 (for up to 2 packs, $50 for each additional pack)

A bond multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing. This product can be used in color applications or as a treatment in itself. Price range varies for individual services, call for more information.

Hair Extension General Info

Philocaly Hair extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetected in the hair. They are amazing quality human hair adhesive weft extensions that are applied without tools or heat. They will last in the hair for 8-10 weeks if taken care of properly, and can be reapplied up to 5-7 times.Whether you are looking for volume, length or extra highlights these extensions are the fastest, most extraordinary method in the hair industry today. 

Feel free to come in to talk to one of our trained stylists if you have any questions or to book a free consultation.